Tuesday, 10 February 2009

No People So You Know We Can't Believe, Jamaica We Have Bobsled Team

Hello there, apologies for not posting for such a long time, I won't make any excuses I just...Havn't.

So it's February! and if like me, you live in England, you will be currently aware of the weather "Crisis" that we are at the mercy of. For everybody reading this who doesn't live in England or any part of the United Kingdom, its not a crisis, its just a bit colder than usual. I don't quite understand the level of panic thats been reported on the news. "Schools closed! People Snowed in! We've run out of Salt!" Its not arctic temperatures that prevent you from going outdoors, its a few degrees below freezing and there's a bit of snow and ice.

I took the liberty of collecting current weather information and made a brief example. So with that information in hand, lets view the evidence. Now you don't have to be Michael Fish, to realize the difference in climate.

I must admit though, my walks to and from university of late have been filled with various occurrences where my footing, is not as sturdy as I would desire it to be. I often listen to Tchaikovsky to give that appropriate "deer-on-ice" feeling. Speaking of such incidents, have a look at these poor souls, who train for hours and hours, and then when they get to the performance, they..."slip up". Can I just say, I feel for the girl at 36 seconds, that is nasty.

On a more sombre note, a few days ago whilst in a local pub playing pool with a good friend of mine, I heard about a cyclist who had passed away in his hotel room. Before I could find out the name or the details on what had happened it had moved on to another story (Sky Sports News move fast!). I then (being a cycling fan) felt it necessary to find out in my own time, who the deceased was. The riders name was Frederiek Nolf and he was a Belgian taking part in the Tour of Qatar. He also sadly only turned pro in 2008 and the tour was his first race of the new season. For the story and a page to leave comments and pay tribute visit the BBC Cycling website.

Despite hearing of such sad news, I find myself in a good mood! Although I have a lecture tomorrow and also reading to complete for that lecture, what happens afterwards is what's important, I am heading home for a couple of days to say goodbye, once again to my sister. She spends 90% of her time these days in Pulaski, Tennessee with a crazy Irishman (Love ya Slim), so its my last chance to see her for a while. 

Anyways, I will leave you with the genius that is Tom Lehrer. He was a lecturer at Harvard who was also a very talented musician and song writer. 

Thanks always for reading.

Take it EZ