Wednesday, 25 March 2009

One For The Ladies

As I write this, the sun is beaming down outside, I have no lectures or to go to, and I am in an absolutely awesome mood. I shall be spending the majority of this afternoon in and around the students union bar enjoying what the great english weather has to offer us. A few pints of ice cold beer and a few games of pool would set me up a treat for the rest of the day.

But not only is today important because I can relax and enjoy some free time, its important because its the birthday of a very good friend of mine. So I would like to wish Edric a very Happy Birthday. The reason I talk about him, other than because its his birthday, is that sometime last week after a concert, we were all in the students union, and I managed to get a snap of him in his natural environment (Amongst beer and ladies).

This is what's known as a power stance (you may want to listen to this whilst viewing the picture, I believe thats the feel he's going for). Notice hes opening his body up to allow the ladies to see his crotch, and by the looks of things he's already singled out one little hottie and is pointing directly at her (she must be really f***in tall). The more I laughed at this picture, the more it resembled something. Then it clicked! 

It seems Saddam's problem (apart from being dead) is that he lacks the thought processes that edric has clearly worked into his stance. Saddam could just be flagging down a bus or a taxi, where as Edric is clearly out there for the ladies.For example the jacket casually thrown over one shoulder, signifying "Im a cool, casual guy" where as Saddam chose to wear his, and thats a mistake, trust me, it gets f***ing hot in the union. Besides Saddam's never gonna' pull looking like a boring bastard in an overcoat.

Im off now to have some lunch and a beer. Thanks always for reading.

Take it EZ


Sunday, 15 March 2009

To The Merth Mobile!

This post is going to be short but sweet. I don't have that much to say, just a few things that I wish to bestow upon my small but valued reader base. I would call it fan base, but lets face it, It's clearly not.

Tomorrow is a glorious day for me, regardless of uni or the weather, which by the way is forecast to be good, so if you live in my area, break out the BBQ. No in fact my parents are making the trip from manchester to come see me at uni. Not only am I happy about seeing my parents, I know that they will have some very precious cargo in their possession, no unfortunately its not an old, bearded man with a sticker on his head, sadly not, what use he would be to me I'm unsure. They WILL be reuniting me however, with my bike. For some people a bike is just a bike, but for me this bike is a major chunk of my life that I've been without for some weeks now. 

Now for those of you looking at it thinking "What the f**k is that?" I will try to explain the best I can. The bike is what's known as a "Fixed Gear". The rear sprocket is screwed directly onto the hub with no freewheel mechanism. So if you pedal forwards the bike moves forwards, if you pedal backwards, the bike moves backwards. When riding you use the action of placing pressure down on the pedals to slow the bike down or lock the pedals in a static position to skid. I hope that helped if it didn't, wiki it.

So I'm hoping for some glorious sunny days in the coming weeks so I can take myself on a few rides into the countryside for a nice picnic and to read some Keats by the river. But until then I will have to put up with York's busy streets and a Starbucks (Not that Starbucks is a Poor substitute). 

I shall leave you with a YouTube classic (in my opinion), bringing together two of the most unlikely of collaborations. Although it shouldn't work, it just does and I cant help but writhe in laughter. Enjoy

Thanks always for reading.

Take it EZ


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Ways To Waste Your Life... Activity #36

In my many weeks away from writing posts, my brain feels a bit mushy to all this blogging lark. So if it makes absolutely no sense (Like this) then I apologize.

If you watched that video thinking thats cool and it would be awesome to be able to do it, then fair enough and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But please consider this, people who are directly involved with this activity (I refuse to refer to it as a sport) actually "train" to do it. They practice stacking cups and clearly take it very seriously.

It has its own governing association called the WSSA (World Sport Stacking Association), complete with its own set of rules and a list regulation equipment. If for some strange unknown reason you feel compelled to try it and wish to take up this relatively cheap but immensely time consuming "hobby" (again NOT a sport) you can expect to pay about 15 US dollars for a set of regulation cups. 

The item description isn't too vague but I don't understand the claims they make. What I would like to know is, what exactly makes them regulation? Apparently they are "High Tech" and "Specifically Designed" but really? How much can you specifically design a damn cup? I would like a detailed explanation as well as some in depth diagrams so I can see for my own eyes. For those die hard fitness freaks and Stacker fanatics wanting that extra burn get yourself some weighted cups. They even contain special dampener pads to reduce stacking noise! Awesome! Please do excuse the sarcasm it features heavily in this section.

You may also waste your hard earned money on a StackMat which is uber sensitive enough to start a timer when you start "stacking". 

There are many amazing(ly crap) and awesome(ly shit) things you can buy associated with cup stacking (sorry again for the sarcasm) but none of them says "Im the Biggest, Lamest, Geekiest person on the planet!" more than a StackFast Wristband

Tell the world your a "Stacker" they say, personally if I was forced into man handling plastic beakers whilst simultaneously being timed by my parents i'd never want to speak of word of it to anyone. 

Moving swiftly on, as you may or may not know, blogs don't write themselves, and to do so I have to pluck random pieces of information from the air, and string them along in a pointless babble, much like I'm doing now. Only... recently I've noticed that in my favourite blogs, the writers receive funny and interesting things, like pictures, links from websites and magazines etc from the readers, and I thought that it would be awesome if that were to happen to me.

So if anyone wants to send me pictures of stupid things they see on the street, links from youtube to stuff that I may well of not seen, anything, I'd love to see it. To email me just click on my profile and hit the Email link.

Oh and by the way if you need any Stacking related equipment for your school or education program just call 1-877-GOT CUPS. My wristband is on order now.

Take it EZ


Out To Lunch...For Nearly A Month

A great deal of apologies for not writing anything in nearly a month. I plan on writing a full post soon. While you wait, perhaps you could listen to this to pass the time. 

Take it EZ