Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I Am Completely Miserable San Diego!

Hello there, apologies for not posting in a while, I've been heavily snowed under with random tasks and uni work. On friday morning (the 23rd) I handed in my penultimate piece of work, thanks bender. Knowing my next piece was not due until the following friday I decided to take the weekend off (Uni work that is, I still had to go too work in the traditional bread winner sense)

So on sunday night me and my girlfriend went out for a bite to eat, we had a great time, we came home and watched a film, and we went to sleep. Then in the middle of the night disaster struck... And just like this swedish game show presenter I was incapable of holding back. So for all yesterday and today, I have been bed ridden, which really depresses me as I am in my nature an active person. 

And what makes me feel even worse is that I have an essay due in two days that I haven't even started. Thanks a lot Sickness! Anyways... Enough whining.

This afternoon whilst watching TV, wallowing in my discomfort and ill-health (Sorry had to whine some more), I was made aware of a woman in california who gave birth to not three, not five even, but eight babies. Yes eight!!! The technical term being "Octuplets". That really boggles my mind, so much so I won't dwell on it any longer.  

I hope everybody else is feeling better than me, coz I feel pretty bad right now, and as always, thanks for reading.

Im off for a cup of Peppermint tea and to listen to a classic Japanese song from the 60's, which was renamed for USA and UK release from its original title "Ue O Muite Aruko" which means "I look up when I walk" to "Sukiyaka" which is a traditional Japanese dish containing beef. This particular dish has absolutely nothing to do with the song, but it was renamed to that anyway because the record label thought the USA and UK audiences wouldn't be able to pronounce the Japanese title. Charming! 

Take it EZ


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

"Can Number 44 Please Come To The White House?".... "Yes I Can"

Well today the 44th president of the United States of America has taken his oath. There are of coarse key differences to his predecessors. Unlike the other 43 that came before him, he's black, and unlike the one who came immediately before him, he isn't an illiterate fool. But if I can be serious for a second, I watched the whole procession on tv today and I sat and thought to myself that hundreds of years from now, people will remember him for being the first black president, maybe by that point first of many, but today in front of me, he was the first. and I am happy I witnessed something as important as that. 

On with the show!!!!!!!!

You may remember the topic of my last post was a mixed bag, but I showed a video of a preacher going crazy in front of his congregation about a car. Well after some clicky-clicky-looky-looky on YouTube I found an even crazier man, Pastor Kerney Thomas is his name. And before you watch this I assure you this is 100% real. At about 4:05 he seems to get into some sort of tongue-twister battle with the woman caller, which made me laugh like my old friend Arthur

It has also come to my attention that the YouTube viewers (creators as well I suppose) like to take videos of various crazy religious men, and add farting noises to them. Now usually I am not a fan of "Fart Jokes" but on this occasion the facial expressions sell it to me.

After all the excitement of the day, I'm now in the mood to wind down with a voluntary Rick Roll. Thanks always for reading.

Take it EZ


Edit :

After just finishing my post and moving on about my business with my voluntary Rick Roll, I've discovered a whole new beast, Barack Rolling! lol. Enjoy, I know i am!


Friday, 16 January 2009


I've been busy the past few days so apologies for the lack of posts, but I would like to start out by thanking everyone who has posted comments or spoke to me in person and told me they enjoy my blog, I really appreciate it, I didn't think that people would react so positively so soon, so thank you very much.

BUT HEY!!!! On with the madness!!!

First of all I want to show you a clip from YouTube that I think i've watched about 30+ times. This video made me laugh so much, especially the first time, my laugh sounded surprisingly like this cheerful but definitely lazy weatherman. The clip in question is of some crazy preacher called Bill Little, talking about from what I can gather from his crazy delivery, a car (or some sort of vehicle). I am unsure however wether he is talking about a member of his congregation turning their back on "The Lord" to embrace material possessions, or if he is in fact boasting about his brand new "Pimped Out, Crunked up, Off the Chizzle (Thats snoop-speak for chain), God Mobile". You decide, answers on a postcard.

Im now gonna relax to some smooth jazz, if you care to join me, Click here.

Otherwise, thanks as always for reading

Take it EZ


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Another Day... Another Pain In The Arse

Over the past few weeks I've been boiling like a massive, mutant, super-kettle, because of some dirty, skanky little shit who decided to break into my house and steal a lot of my stuff. I've had uni work to be doing for a while and I hadn't got round to it, but now after all this rubbish my ability to think academically is... how can i put it... Fucked. All I seem to be doing recently is trying to complete the essays, but I've got little time to do them in. Tomorrow will give me a break from it all, when I will get a few hours of quality (but freezing) relaxation spent watching Manchester United at home against Wigan. Now I didn't think about my work when I said yes to the tickets, and there are parts of my brain (the bits that work) that say its a bad idea to waste a whole afternoon when I need to do work. But quite frankly I've not had much fun in the past few weeks so I'm gonna take the opportunity while I can.

Now for anyone reading this who thinks Manchester Untied are JUST a football team. You'd be so very very wrong. Back in the day, they made some bloody shit songs too. My favourite being Come On You Reds. The O.A.P squad or as they are more widely known Status Quo wrote this hellish aural torture and whilst having the epiphany (Brain-Fart more like) for this song, they decided, at one part, they would simply just list the players names in the lyrics. So here they are, at 0:47 seconds... sing along!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

Schmeichel, Parker, Pallister
Irwin, Bruce, Sharpe and Ince, 
Hughes, McClair, Keane and Cantona   
Robson, Kanchelskis and Giggs

Remaining with YouTube I decided to see what other stuff I could dig up from my youth. I wasn't sure wether it was gonna be good or bad, but after some considerable thought, I came up with a Top 5 of my favourites.

  1. The best Power Metal I've ever heard - From the 1986 Transformers The Movie
  2. No way you can deny this song and I still want a talk box!!! Blackstreet - No Diggity
  3. Fresh Prince - Carlton doin' his thing!!!
  4. Ryan Leech. Silly talented trials rider. I spent my teenage years watching him.
  5. The Smiths - The Boy With a Thorn In His Side - From as far back as I can remember, My brother was listening to The Smiths and there still one of my favourite bands today.
Another thing I saw today that I hadn't seen in a long while was Who's Line Is It Anyway. I love this show and my girlfriend loves it even more so, and it would of been in my top 5 but I didn't really "Grow Up" watching it. So for extra kicks heres one of my favourite WLIIA videos. The three headed broadway star where Drew fucks up. I defy you not to laugh.

Take it EZ


Monday, 12 January 2009

And the Nobel Prize goes too...*Drumroll*

Is it just me, or is Cream Crackers and Strawberry Jam the stuff from heaven??? I always seem to forget how AWESOME it is. With a steaming hot cup of tea, thats the stuff right there. Surely it deserves some sort of award, maybe Snack Of The Century?? or ... The Nobel SNACK prize. Alfred Nobel clearly missed one out. "Ok lets see, Literature, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Peace, Snacks!!!!" After all he was the inventor of Dynamite, so maybe snacks weren't top priority in those days. Clearly blowing shit up was.

I also took some time today to search through Ebay, I tend to check it quite often looking for bike parts, but i've heard many a story about people selling... anything... for what I can tell, absolutely no reason whatsoever. So i decided to delve a little deeper into the forgotten parts of Ebay.

Disclaimer: WEIRD S**T UP AHEAD

For an example one guy, as i understand it, because it says bidding has ended successfully, sold a t-shirt which belonged to a guy who was having sex with his wife.

Now he tries to explain himself but if that was me id be more concerned about...
  1. Teaching my Wife a lesson (by smashing all her worldly possessions then taking part in a little bit of adultery myself)
  2. Finding who this guy was...NOT trying to sell his t-shirt
Another CRACKER (Pun completely intended!!!) that I unearthed strikes me as quite sickening. They will have been in somebody's mouth for god knows how long, so first of all its a bit weird to want to sell them on. One point the information on the auction makes (ridiculously) is that they are not for "Dental Use", Why the f**k would anyone want them for dental use!?!? And to describe USED dental braces as a collectable is completely beyond me.

Oh well, I hope they got a good price... And used the money to get psychiatric help. 



Sunday, 11 January 2009

1 . A great day for Arctic Exploration, Designated Hitters and Pineapples

In case you were wondering what the hell my title is about, I refer to acts of "historic importance" that have all occurred on the 11th of January. These were just a few from a long list of interesting (and equally just as many un-interesting) things that happened, but I'm sure that Kristi Yamaguchi wont forget the date and neither will the dude who planted that first pineapple, who clearly snuffed it years ago, but if he WERE alive, he'd be smug as f**k right now.

A little about myself...

I'm 21 from Manchester, England. I'm currently in my third year of a degree studying Music at York St John University in York, England. I love playing Drums and riding Fixed Gear Bikes. I try to have a positive outlook on life but there are many things that irritate me to such a degree that I feel like the three Wicker-Basket-Wearing dudes in Big Trouble In Little China. I will try not to focus on JUST the negative things but try to include a lot of positive things that in some cases come close to giving me a hernia!!! "That was liquid football!!!"

So i hope my ramblings aren't  too tedious and that you enjoy reading them. Im not sure when/how often ill be posting blogs, but when i decide, you will definitely know about it. 

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