Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday Good Times

The sun has eventually decided to make an appearance over York, and remarkably I feel a lot chirpier for it. You never really understand how much you miss the sun until it's gone, AND THEN done a full circle and come back again. Once it's gone, you realise that the weather is shit, and a bit of sunshine would cast a golden light over everything, somehow washing away all the burdens of ones mind. But that's the problem, it goes and it stays gone, and always for longer than you care to count, but now, it has finally made a return. Your damn right Roy!

I've made some great progress on some of my compositions today, so for that I have given my self a pat on the back. But during my day, whilst happily getting on with my work, a couple of friends were sat waiting patiently for a third person to arrive. They had arranged a meeting that could not go ahead with 2 people, so what did they do while they waited? What any normal person would do... Kill time on Youtube.

They must of watched at least 30 videos, some of which were musical and some of which were comedy, but I'd like to show a few selections from their "Most Watched" today.

1. Harry and Paul - Football Manager
2. The Muppet's - Animal does "Fever"
3. Rowan Atkinson - Invisible Drum Kit
4. Ray Charles - Going absolutely mental

As I really didnt get chance to show any of my favourite videos to them, I'll show them to you! So here, for your viewing pleasure, are some of my favourites from the past few days...

1. Rowan Atkinson - Church Service
2. Erik Mongrain - Air Tap! (Unbelievable)
3. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
4. James Taylor - Your Smiling Face

Still on the subject of Youtube, there's been a lot of press about a certain pop song over the past few days. I've noticed a lot of new memes about the "artist" in question, and there's also a lot of hate going around the web, especially on Youtube. I was aware of said phenomenon for a few days before actually taking the time to view the video, so if you haven't seen it, here it is. "Rebecca Black" with her song "Friday".

If you watched that video without having an overwhelming sense of nausea then congratulations, you probably like Justin Bieber. If on the other hand you felt this sensation then you easily fit into a sizable community of haters and trolls. On a serious note it truly is bad. Really bad. SO bad in-fact that out of 166,396 people who chose to leave visible feedback on Youtube, nearly 150,000 chose to 'Dislike'. There is also a BBC article basically saying that its shit and 29 million people hate it. Need more proof?

One last video before I go. A good friend of mine from Uni was recently involved in a short film, and although I haven't had chance to watch the entire 15 minutes yet, my friends and I were amused no end at his silly haircut and hilarious faces. Nice work Gordon.

Also keep an eye out for the dude dancing like a crazy person in the club, he's also a really good friend, needless to say I was nearly on the floor in tears watching him in that scene. I'm not sure of the proper title (or if this IS the proper title) but it's on Youtube as "Mismatch for second look". Please like it if you do and leave some nice comments, a lot of effort went into the project and I'm sure they would appreciate some kind words. If you don't like it, don't just on the Rebecca Black bandwagon and start disliking. That's just not cool.

That's me done for this post, I'm off to do some more composition. Because of the sheer volume of Youtube videos today, I'm going to do something a little different. In homage to my girlfriends favourite game of listing all the US states, I will present you the same challenge. 10 minutes for 50 states, good luck!

Thanks always for reading

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