Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Once again I find myself rushing around to fit in work, rehearsals, concerts, lectures and time to sit and compose. Whilst also trying to keep my lovely lady on my good side by spending plenty of quality time together. Therein lies a fundamental problem. There is time... but not enough of it. I also heard that the dreadful earthquake that hit Japan a few days ago shortened the earths day slightly.

On a serious note, the events that are currently happening in Japan are beyond anyone's imagining and I was really happy to see some celebrities getting behind the "Financial Relief" effort, E.G raising money. There are too many to mention them all by name but I particularly liked the contributions from Mark Hoppus (Bass player of Blink 182). I've been a fan of the band for a long time, and all of the guys come across as genuine, caring and pretty down-to-earth. My perception of at least one of them was confirmed (not that the other two have done anything to make me think differently) when he began auctioning off personal effects that he has obtained from his time in Blink 182. Stuff like Guitar's and Basses, original lyric sheets, costumes and clothing from video shoots and other general Blink paraphernalia. I can't help thinking that all these items must have great sentimental value, and it got me thinking about sacrifices that people make when others are in need. It's a humbling thought that some people are willing to sell things of their own so that others can benefit. I'd also like to take the opportunity to extend my thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan at this horrible time.

Speaking of time, I saw this picture the other day and really, REALLY hope that some awesome brainchild actually did this.
Disclaimer: The views in the picture are the veiws of an awesome school child (hopefully) and do not represent my opinions... although to men it makes sense... sorry ladies.

As is becoming more and more common this is only a short post. I'm gonna get stuck into some composing, but I'll leave you with a song that's been in the heads of all my friends thanks to a moment of stupidity on my part. It was a quick but long lasting series of events...

1. Came into my head.
2. I sang it
3. We all laughed.
4. We all sang it.
5. We tried to think of alternative lyrics.
6. It won't stop...


As always thanks for reading, and much love to those who check in regularly even though I'm useless.

Take it EZ


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