Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ello, Ello, Ello, What's Goin' On 'Ere Then: Update

In my previous post I was talking about weird news stories, and how I seem to be reading about them a lot recently? Well I just stumbled across a story that made all the other ones I discussed, seem like regular, everyday occurrences.

I give you a tale of pregnancy and knife fights. Yep, knife fights.

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ello, Ello, Ello, What's Goin' On 'Ere Then

Within seconds of starting this post, the words that appeared on my screen sounded slightly like a part from a cliche gangster film, you know the old, "Forgive me father, for I have sinned, it been 6 months since my last confession" lark. Well honestly I have no idea how long it's been, and I refuse to check my previous posts to work it out. All I know is, it's been a while. Fortunately for me I don't look like a bald, pierced, smoking, Mr. Potato head lookalike like Aaron Lewis and the time away from blogging has done little to change my physical appearance.

Recently I've had a sudden urge to dive right back into my blog, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. I've been compiling photo's and articles over the time away from posting so I have a few things to waffle on about. So here I go.

Everyday I check the Latest Headlines feed on my browser to see whats going on in the world, not because I have the NEED to know, it's just because I'm extremely curious. So imagine my face when I read this headline from the BBC News website...

'Body Sold To Russia Kebab Shop'

Now a number of things sprang in to my mind when I read this, and for your benefit, I will list them. I dearly hope similar things are appearing in yours at this very moment.

1. Where does someone get the idea to do this?
2. How do you disguise a PERSON good enough to pass it off as cheap kebab meat
3. Where do you get a person?
4. If you found them, why wouldn't you report them, not think "Oh I'll sell the body to a Food and Drink Kiosk!"
5. If you murdered them, why wouldn't you hide the evidence, instead of thinking "Oh I'll sell the body to a Food and Drink Kiosk!"
6. When a person you've never met comes up to you with a huge bloody sack asking do you want to buy some cheap meat, surely alarm bells MUST go off. How dumb is the person that bought said meat.
7. How dumb are they to actually cook it and sell it on as safe, edible meat.
8. What about the poor people that PAID for this Man-Kebab

Reading on, I discovered that the 3 men charged with the offense, were homeless, and they had in fact murdered the man. They claimed it was an act of "personal hostility". So they obviously disliked him enough to kill him, but thought he had a good enough body to flog him to a Kebab and Pie stall. They attacked the 25 year old victim with knives and a hammer and after killing him they consumed part of his body (presumably the best bits).

All in all a pretty sick story, but I couldn't help but laugh at the final words in the article. "It was not immediately clear if any customers had been served". Which is clearly code for "They sold the lot of it, and we don't wanna scare the shit out of people who have eaten a Thigh and Kidney Pie (I assume that was a combination on offer)"

In other news an Indonesian man has been given compensation after a cigarette he was smoking, exploded and blew out 6 teeth! He was awarded 5 million rupiah, which equates to about £335, so I now feel even more sorry him. But really, what is going on with the world? Human kebabs, exploding cigarettes, what next? I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

As always I'll leave you with a You tube feast for the eyes and the ears. It's a song that I hadn't heard in years, and if you've seen the original Transformers: The Movie, then you'll know how awesome I must of felt to rediscover it. Enjoy.

Thanks always for reading

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