Monday, 24 January 2011

Another Update...

Hello intrepid readers, no doubt, if you continue to read this, you will have been extremely disappointed with the number of blog posts. I assure you that this is not a conscious decision, I'm not, NOT writing on purpose, I just don't have a usable internet connection in my flat (still) and I have been extremely busy with my MA and also with working in a shop.

If you do still read my blog, thank you very much indeed. And very soon, I promise to sort myself out and blog regularly. At this moment in time I'm sat in my University Students Union bar, having a quiet pint with friends and generally just shooting the breeze. I've got a huge essay in for a week today, that I'm behind on, but I'm dedicating my entire day to its progress tomorrow so I can afford an evening off.

Ok onwards and upwards, firstly I've JUST learned that scientists have just discovered a new type of cat. I'm a big animal lover, and its always great to hear about species being discovered and protected. I usually only talk about stuff that's funny or morbid, but if you watch the little video, HE'S SO CUTE!!!!! More info on that after the drop. MEOW!

Also a few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed me some crazy videos of some kids (I think from Russia, judging by the videos) generally fucking around and endangering their lives. I was literally, shocked and a little scared when I saw them. The first involves a bunch of friends, pushing one of their brood down a hand made snow ramp, off a building with a homemade bungee chord to protect her. Needless to say she could of slammed into the side of the building.

The second is another bunch of kids, messing around on a huge structure, maybe a phone mast or something, but whatever it is, it's CRAZY high. Nothing to stop them from plunging to their deaths, they without thought, put their lives on the line.

Only a short one from me, there's a game of pool going on and I'm playing well recently.

As usual I'll leave you with some musical delight from Youtube. This post is dedicated to my good mate Phil, and because he just put some awesome tunes on the Jukebox, I'll try to recreate the mood in here, where you are. GET THE FUCK UP!!!!

Thanks as always for reading

Take it EZ